Volume Levelling For Audio Playback

Propellerhead Top Tip

Don’t you just hate it when you’re playing back audio files using Windows Media Player WMP), having to continually fiddle with the volume setting because some tracks are louder than others? The good news is that WMP 10 has a built-in facility that lets you ‘level’ the volume of all of the tracks in the library. It has to be set up, though, here’s the Propellerhead method.

Go to Search on the Tools menu (or press F3), browse to the folder containing your audio files then underneath make sure that ‘New files and all existing files (slow)’ and ‘Add volume Levelling for all files (slow) are both checked (If the latter option isn’t shown click the Advanced below). Click the Search button and volume levelling info will be added to all MP3 and WMA files. For more great tips visit the archive at PCTopTips

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