Toshiba's Dolphin-shaped MP3 player

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If you ask me, there just isn’t enough creativity when it comes to portable music player design. It’s usually a straight choice between thumb drive or iPod lookalike. But you do start to appreciate such simplicity when someone creates the complete opposite – in this case Toshiba with their Dolphin MP3 player.

Yes, a fish-shaped MP3 player. Originally it was a freebie for anyone who purchased the company’s Dynabook CX notebook, but now it’s heading to stores as a standalone product. The device plays both MP3 and WMA files (but no DRM). Under the tail fin of the fish is a USB connector and the bottom of the fish features an LCD panel and play, pause, track skip, and volume controls.

The dolphin measures 50x30x76mm and weighs 40g. It also has 512MB of memory and can double as a flash drive. It’s going to launch soon in Japan with a price equivalent to £60. No news of a UK launch as yet.

Toshiba website

Via Akihabara news

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  • That’s not really i dolphin shape i would say it was more like a whale :p

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