Tomb Raider slot machine for your mobile

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Well, the cartoon action heroine certainly shifted plenty of games in her time, so why shouldn’t she do the same for mobile gambling? Yes, Lara Croft has been licensed to tempt you to play the slots on your phone.

Tomb Raider is Wild Jack Mobile Casino’s first branded ‘video style’ slot machine for mobile phones. But don’t expect any console action, the character just highlights the slot jackpot – five Lara Crofts in a row wins the cash. There’s also mysterious golden idols and exotic tigers, which, if found on a win line, will transport the player to a Tomb bonus screen for free spins and win multipliers.

Can’t say it will tempt me to gamble on my mobile – but then again, I didn’t rate the games all that much either!

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Tomb Raider slot machine for your mobile
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