The clock that shakes you awake


I’m sure I’m not alone in having to endure a deafening tone, or even worse, breakfast radio, to get me out of bed. But if work calls, you’ve not much choice. Well actually, there is – this Portable Shakeawake alarm clock from RNID. 

Designed primarily for those with hearing difficulties, it’s just as useful for those of who who prefer to be gently shaken out of sleep, as opposed to being basted out of it. Just clip it to the inside of your pillow case to use. The vibration from the Shakeawake is strong enough to wake the heaviest of sleepers, and with a choice of vibrating alerts, you can set it as heavily as you like.

It’s small enough to also double up as a travel alarm clock (there is an audible tone if you want one) and is available in six designs. It costs around £17.

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