Snappy Face Recogniser – access a PC with your face


For anyone who has trouble remembering a password (or uses the same obvious password for everything), here’s a solution to guarantee only you can access your PC without having to remember a thing – the Snappy Face Recogniser.

The clue to what it does is in the name. Using what the company describes as "advanced face recognition technology", the device records and recognises an existing user’s face almost instantaneously via the 1.3MP webcam and logs it in. If your face doesn’t fit, you don’t get in – ideal if you don’t want certain friends, members of the family or co-workers sneaking onto your PC.

The Snappy Face Recogniser is also fairly compact, weighing just 120g, so you can secure your laptop if you’re on the move. It’s available now – expect to pay around £50.

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