Review: Sony Ericsson W810i


Over at GadgetCentre, they’ve been trying out one of the latest Sony Ericsson Walkman phones, the W810i. Looks like it’s really just there to sort out some the faults that it’s predecessor, the W800i, suffered from. The list of improvements includes a better button layout and a 5 button replacement for the control stick. Oh, and SE has at last done away with the extremely annoying camera lens covers which were so easy to flick open in your pocket.

The verdict: looks like SE’s relatively minor tweaks have paid off and made the W810i into the best Walkman phone yet. However, the 512MB Memory Stick is going to be hard pressed to compete against the Nokia N91’s 4GB of storage space if you’re looking for a dedicated music phone. Read the full review here.

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  • u know wot this is the best ficking phone ever and if anymother fucker thinks other wise well ure just a big fat git bag u thick shits u wankers o ya im only age 11

  • Happy to explain: those lens covers 1) spring open in your pocket so they aren’t actually protecting the lens anyway. 2) When open they put the phone into camera mode and so eat up the battery life. 3) they are placed exactly where your fingers rest so it’s next to impossible not to flick it open and closed when you’re talking on the phone.

    Pretty sure that I’m not alone in finding them annoying but it is a uniquely Sony Ericsson problem – the fact that the lens cover has now been removed from the W810i speaks volumes to me.

    As for the memory card – yes, you could spend over £120 on a 4GB MS PRO Duo or you could get 4GB music phone free on a contract. That would be my argument.

  • Oh yes… because having a lens cover is a bad thing? Can you explain this please? Personally i would rather keep my camera lens clean. The W810i brings nothing new to the walkman line, unless you really needed to have a black phone. And isn’t the memory stick replacable? unlike the nokia hard disc. 4gb mem sticks from sony can’t be far away.

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