Predictive Brangelina Spawn T-Shirt In Weekly Bayraider Round-Up

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We knew it had to happen eventually, the arrival of The Chosen One, and the inevitable Brangelina t-shirt. Girls, remind Brad Pitt of that drunken snog in the bathroom toilets at the seedy strip-club down the road, and wear this t-shirt in style. Oh, make sure you send Angie pics, she’d really appreciate it.

The current Big Brother house may be crammed purely with imbeciles, but don’t let that stop you from bidding on one of Kit Kat’s many Golden tickets which have finagled themselves onto eBay. Grating personality not included.

If you’re one of the mindless twats that rushed out to see the Da Vinci Code, (yes, I got sucked in too), then you’ll remember the ever so important fleur de lis Cross key. Make sure you buy a replica key for that special someone in your life, to remind them of the several hours you stole from their lives. Who doesn’t want to be reminded of 2 hours watching a sweaty Tom Hanks?

Given that their marriage is pretty much over, it’s not surprising to see an invitation to Britney Spears’ and Kevin Federline’s wedding popping up on the ‘bay. Granted, Britney’s probably flogging off the leftover invitations one at a time, slowing accumulating the wealth K-Fed has boozed away from her.

More credit-card fun at our brother-blog Bayraider. [Katherine Hannaford]

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