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Poor Apple – they spend serious time and money designing a minimalist player – then their customers pimp them up! Yes, forget the Vauxhall Novas, customising iPods is all the rage – and a new website, Pimpyaplayer, is showing off the best of them.

Head over to the site to check out pimped out iPods from all across the globe such as Deejay mikee-rokk from Amsterdam’s Party Bag and Yu from Hong Kong’s Bass Cannon, not to mention the rather fetching Three Knuckle Shuffle (pictured), along with site owner Romeo’s top ten Pimpin’ hints and the chance to get help via email from the man himself on how to Pimp your Pod to the max and get your Pimp online.

Romeo Brown, founder of Pimpyaplayer.com commented "PYP is tha roodest site on the tha intaweb! Into iPods but wanna take it to tha next level? Then PYP is the place for all your customisation needs. If its not on PYP then it can’t be done, ya hear me?!! I’m from tha Pimpin’ Capital of England, Romford! Bo to tha Romford krews. I’ve been pimpin pods for time and I’ve become a conisseure of the kraft, travelling all over the world to meet with other dedicated ‘Podificators’! Thasright I’m the bigdog of pimpin’."

Pimpyaplayer website

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