One Click Purchase for Mobile Phone Users

Propellerhead Top Tip

Depending how you look at it, One Touch Purchasing is either a major convenience, or another cynical ploy to part you from your hard-earned money. Vocel in the US has just unveiled its new Interactive Commerce Accelerator (INCA) technology, which is now being trialled by Qualcomm phone customers in Iowa, Wisconsin and Minnesota.

Those who have opted in for the service and downloaded the software will receive alerts about new ringtones, wallpapers and downloads for preview or single-click purchase. According to a Vocel spokesperson,  ‘…this technology has the potential to expand the market for application downloads to people who currently don’t know what they would buy and or don’t have time to shop’. In other words if you are the sort of gullible idiot who buys stuff they don’t want then your prayers have been answered, everyone else, watch out!

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