MusicGremlin – Wi-Fi music downloads to a portable player

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The shape of things to come? MusicGremlin has gone where Apple has yet to tread, releasing the first Wi-Fi equipped MP3 player for downloading tunes independently of a PC.

You’ve still got the option of downloading to your PC, but with access to MusicGremlin’s subscription site wirelessly, you can download whenever you’re within a hotspot, or even share tracks via Wi-Fi. For $15 per month (yes, it seems to be US only right now), subscribers have access to download unlimited tracks from MusicGremlin’s library of about 2 million songs. The database is stored on the device itself, which means you can queue songs for download, then download when you get within a hotspot.

The device itself, which costs around $300, isn’t the most exciting to look at and is limited to a maximum of 8GB right now. But as a way of downloading music, it’s certainly an interesting step forward – and one you imagine will be followed.

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