Mobile Cooler Rollerbar


With the World Cup still in full swing and the weather giving us all good reason to get outside and get some fresh air, the Mobile Cooler Rollerbar could prove a fairly useful acquisition.

As the name suggests, it’s a drinks cooler and it’s mobile – for use wherever you want it. That’s down to a built-in 12V battery, which offers up to seven hours cooling without having to go near a plug socket. So ideal for sticking in the middle of the lawn on a hot summer’s day or you can use it via the mains if you want a cold drink in arm’s reach whilst watching the TV indoors.

It’s got a 50 litre cooling space – which in real terms is enough for either 60 canned drinks or 18 bottles of wine and there’s also a separate compartment for bottles in the door. If you want to treat yourself, you can pick it up now for around £250.

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  • I’m sure tramps around Britain are rejoicing with this invention.

    £250 might be a bit steep though.

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