Making Light Work Of Your Computer's Backside…

Propellerhead Top Tip

This neat little tip comes to us from Propellerhead reader Gavin Hatherell and it should appeal to anyone who has spent any length of time grubbing around the backside of their PC, hunting for sockets. Over to you Gavin.

Most computers are usually hidden under a desk, in the dark, so quickly plugging cables in or out at the back means grabbing a torch to see what you are doing. My tip is to use a spare USB socket on the back, and permanently plug in one of those LED lights that come on the end of a bendy wand. They are designed for laptops, to illuminate the keyboard, but work just as well to shine a little in the dark! Just leave it on all the time.

Thanks for that, and the only things I would add is you don’t have to worry about your electricity bill, LEDs consume a miniscule amount of power and they don’t get hot. Look out for bargains, I’ve seen these lights in my local ‘pound’ shop. For more great tips visit the archive at PCTopTips

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