Keep Your (PC) Cool

Propellerhead Top Tip

Not that you need reminding but Summer has just arrived, probably only for a few days but Propellerhead suggests that you should still make sure that your PC is well ventilated as a hot PC is an unhappy PC, which could lead to erratic behaviour or crashes. Check that the fans are working properly and if there is a build-up of dust around the grille, clear it with a clean paintbrush. Use a vacuum cleaner hose to suck out fluff and debris from the back of the machine. Remove any clutter from the front and side ventilation slots.

Don’t forget the monitor, if you are still using a CRT screen now would be a good time to file those papers that are piling up on the top and blocking the vents. Peel off any stickers and furry creatures that could obstruct cooling air. Most recent PCs have built in thermal sensors and you can keep track of your PC’s internal temperature using a utility like Motherboard Monitor. Don’t forget there are tips and tweaks galore in the archive at PCTopTips.

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