Invisible Writing & Secret Messages In Word

Propellerhead Top Tip

Most of us have played with secret writing and invisible ink at some point and there are plenty of recipes for making your own (lemon juice and urine are supposed to work quite well…) but here’s a few tips from Propellerhead for saving and sending secret messages using MS Word, without making smells, or a soggy mess.

The absolute simplest method is to write your message as normal, then highlight it, click Font on the Format menu, change the Font Colour to white and hey presto, your words will disappear from view. The only problem with this method is that hidden words buried in a document can be difficult to find but highlighting everything (Ctrl + A) and selecting black font colour will make them reappear once again.

A slightly more elaborate method is to highlight your message then go to the Font drop-down menu and change it to Wingdings 3 and the text turns into a bunch of symbols, It’s pretty obvious and you don’t need to be James Bond to see through this one, though changing the Font colour to white as well should keep snoopers guessing.

The last trick is to highlight and resize your secret text to 1pt italics, see pic above. The underline under ‘Invisible Writing’ is actually the entire first paragraph of this item. On most screens the characters will merge together and appear as a thin slightly ragged line and in this way you can disguise quite large chunks of text as underlines or break lines in copy. There are loads more Word tips, and much else besides, in the archive at PCTopTips

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