Internet Time Machine


Here’s something to think about, where do old Internet pages go? Mostly they disappear forever, into the ether, never to be seen again but some of them are being saved for posterity in the Wayback Machine Internet Archive; who knows, maybe even Propellerhead will turn up in there one day? More than 55 billion pages have been stored, the earliest of them dating back to 1966 and all you have to do to browse the archive is tap in the web address, or use the search engine to locate pages by date or name match.  This ebay home page dates back to 1999, when life was obviously a lot simpler…

The site also features collections of websites devoted to special events, like 911, the US Electron of 2000 and Hurricane Katrina and Visitors are also encouraged to submit their own site archives. For more great freeware utilities and PC tips and tweaks visit the archive at PCTopTips

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