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Still looking for a way to use your iPod when you’re back at home? The HomeDock Deluxe is certainly worth a look, making it easy to connect your iPod to your home stereo, TV or computer.

There’s nothing groundbreaking about the HomeDock Deluxe, but it does offer flexibility to use your portable player in conjunction with your existing home entertainment systems. Use it with your home stereo system using standard RCA cables – with an 18 button remote control, you can play, pause and skip tracks whilst slumped in the armchair.

It also connects to your TV via Composite or S-Video, allowing you to browse the iPod menu on a big screen, as well as letting you look through your pictures and videos. There’s also USB connectivity for both Windows and Mac, allowing you to charge up your iPod without an adaptor.

It works with all dockable iPods including nano, photo and video iPods and is available now, priced around £130.

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One thought on “HomeDock Deluxe – make your iPod a home entertainment system

  • Nothing Groundbreaking? The DLO HomeDock Deluxe is the first iPod dock on the planet with On-Screen Display of your iPod! It has it’s own interface that lets you view and navigate your iPod’s music on your huge flat screen on the wall. It even has song displaying screen savers and color themes to match the HDD display to your room!

    Sorry to editorialize here – but the HomeDock Deluxe is WAY more than just an average iPod Dock. It costs more to. More info can be seen at our website, but in the interest of not being too self promotional here, you’ll have to find the site yourself ; )

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