GP2X handheld gaming console – the open source games machine


It’s not all about the Nintendo DS and the Sony PSP when it comes to portable gaming, other machines are on the market with their own unique selling points, like the GP2X, a Linux-based handheld console that can boast more than 500 games titles – all of them free to download.

The GP2X is based around a 240MHz dual-core processor with 64MB of RAM and 64MB of on-board NAND flash memory, with expansion via SD cards. That makes it around around four times as powerful as a Nintendo DS, according to the manufacturers. As well as being a games machine, the GP2X also plays music and movies, as well as being a viewer for e-books and photos. Video playback is an improvement on the Sony PSP, which is down to the on-board graphics chip and high contrast 320×240 3.5-inch LCD screen.

Since the beta launch of the GP2X in November 2005, more than 500 games and applications have been developed for the console – most of them freely available on the net. This includes emulators such as MAME and ports of some of the best known PC games. Commercial titles are due to follow.

Powered off two AA batteries, which offer up to six hours gameplay, you can pick up a GP2X console pack for around £125.

Visit the GP2X website

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  • A DS killer?! Please! It’s not even in the same market. The DS features too many unique features that the GP2x and PSP don’t have. The GP2X and the PSP share many similarities, and I picked the GP2X for my handheld of choice. It sounds like we’ve got a PSP fanboy here.

  • I’ve got one of these, and it puts other handhelds to shame, it’s got all the power and functionality anyone could need. Back catalogue of almost every game from every retro system ever and also it plugs directly into the tv so you can play big screen (psp and ds definately don’t do that!).

    Buy one cheap here:

  • GP2x looks like a good handheld system, for those of you that don`t like to buy games. I think is gonna be a great NINTENDO DS killer. But it doesn`t look like a good design is ugly. PSP still the champion of handheld system #1.

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