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As you can imagine you get to do quite a few screen grabs in this business and here at Propellerhead we mostly use the standard Windows Print Screen utility (PrtScn to capture full screen or Alt + PrtScn to capture active window). There are plenty of good commercial and shareware offerings but they all have their strange little ways and in the end the Windows capture options are good for 99 percent of jobs. However, we’ve been quite smitten with a freeware utility, or rather the free ‘lite’ version of a program called Screenhunter.

It can be fired up with a simple keyboard shortcut, or the PrtScn key, at which point the mouse pointer turns into a crosshair, and you can define precisely the part of the screen you want to capture. The resultant Bitmap, JPEG or GIF image is then sent to a file location of your choice. There are lots of options, it is very easy to use, and if you like it for a small fee you can upgrade to the even more sophisticated Plus and Pro versions. Don’t forget there’s a whole website full of useful utilities, Top Tips and freeware downloads at PCTopTips

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