eBay adds Skype to its listings


A bit worried about a seller? Want to hear the conviction in that person’s voice as he/she describes that piece of vintage pottery? Well, now you can, as eBay is introducing Skype functionality to its listings in the UK.

Yes, now you can communicate "for real" via free internet voice calls or instant messaging, if the seller decides to add a "Skype Me" button to their listings. A pilot programme will start from mid-July 2006 and will be trialled in categories including art, antiques, stamps, coins, pottery & glass, sports memorabilia, real estate, baby products, musical instruments, and audio consumer electronics – categories eBay claims are more likely to get further enquiry requests.

eBay claims the addition of Skype will be a great benefit to buyers and sellers, smoothing out the purchase process. Cynics might suggest that it’s just an attempt to boost the Skype userbase.

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One thought on “eBay adds Skype to its listings

  • £1.4bn and that’s all they can think to do with Skype?

    I wish eBay would buy my site, it’s probably just as useful to them…

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