Do Antispyware Programs Work?

Propellerhead Top Tip

How well is your security software protecting you? Usually the only time you’ll find out is when it detects an attack, or afterwards, when something nasty has got through and infected your PC. According to Propellerhead a group of researchers called Intelguardians decided to put anti spyware tools to the test by designing a series of small and benign programs that attempt to probe a PCs defences. Each of the 20 or Spycar checks has to be carried out manually, by downloading a small file and clicking OK, at which point the program tries to install a Registry key, a piece of code, or change a setting.

At the end of the tests you download a utility called TowTruck, which displays the score and resets any changes that may have been made. These is a tough test and it’s difficult to say how meaningful the results are and how they relate to real-world situations, but it should provide you with an insight into how well your current measures, if you have any, are working. This is just one of the hundreds of great tips you’ll find in the archive on the PCTopTips website.

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