Carphone Warehouse "free broadband" – demand means long wait


Whether or it’s "free broadband forever" or just a very clever bit of marketing, the public have really taken to the Carphone Warehouse phone bundle, with demand far exceeding the company’s forecasts – leading to queues on the phones and a long wait for services to go live.

TalkTalk, Carphone’s retail phone business, launched its bundled offer of line rental, calls and broadband for £21 a month in April. Since then some 340,000 people have signed up, double what the company expected. Carphone boss Charles Dunstone reckons the company connected more customers in the first eight weeks than it had planned to do in the first four months.

The downside for punters has been long queues trying to contact the firm – something that the company has admitted to. And it’s not the only wait – if you fancy signing up for the package today, you’ll not go get your "free broadband" until August.

TalkTalk website

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One thought on “Carphone Warehouse "free broadband" – demand means long wait

  • I used to work for a rival phone/broadband company, and in April, when Talk Talk’s new deal came out, it very nearly killed us.

    The main downside is Talk Talk are renowned for shoddy customer service, and in the terms and conditions, it does say that prices will increase without notice. So, just wait for 6 months, when the price goes up a tenner a month. Also, the contract is for 18months, when most broadband contracts are only 12months, this contract with Talk Talk isn’t just for the broadband either, it’s for the land line, and your phone calls, which most companies don’t lock you in for.

    I personally would’nt trust Talk Talk as far as I could throw it. Which would’nt be far, as it’s a goddamn business.

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