Cancer charity turns to text

Mobile phones

There are very few things you can’t do on a mobile these days, and thanks to mobile marketing agency Incentivated, donating to charity has just joined the list of things you can.

Mobile Marketing Magazine reports that the company has developed a solution for cancer charity Macmillan Cancer Support that enables members of the public to make a £3 donation via SMS. Not only that, the donor is then directed via a WAP Push message to a Mobile Internet Gift Aid form, where they can confirm that they are a taxpayer,enabling the chariy to claim an additional 28% (in this case, 84p) from HM Revenue and Customs. This is a first for the charity industry.

“Charities often miss out on this extra income because it is too expensive to process the paperwork on small donations” says Incentivated boss Jonathan Bass. “The mobile channel automates this process, and removes the need for manual processing on the part of the charity. The fact that the Gift Aid form is available on the mobile handset immediately after the text donation has been made means that drop-off should be less than asking someone to go online via their PC.”

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