Bang & Olufsen for the car?


I’ll not tell you the car I drive, you’ll just laugh. Safe to say it isn’t an Audi A8. However, if it was and I had the money, I’d be tempted to upgrade the stereo to the Bang & Olufsen Advanced Sound System, now offered as an option in that car – and that car only.

It’s first in-car sound system from the Danish hi-fi experts and has been tailor-made to the exact acoustic characteristics of the Audi A8’s interior and uses Acoustic Lens Technology to ensure an even horizontal dispersion of higher frequencies and Bang & Olufsen’s patented digital amplifier technology – ICEpower – that supplies the 14 speakers, each with its own dedicated amplifier. That’s more than 1,000 watts of power.

All loudspeakers are mounted in sealed enclosure cabinets for superior acoustic contro and to prevent sound escaping outside the car. After all, if you’ve paid out big for it, why should you share it?

If you want one, you’ll have to speak up at the time of ordering, it cannot be retro fitted. And make sure you have plenty of cash in your pocket – the Bang & Olufsen Advanced Sound System costs £3,775 on the S8 and £4,500 on all other versions of the A8.

Bang & Olufsen website

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One thought on “Bang & Olufsen for the car?

  • I work for B&O and we had heard that this system has been on its way for quite some time, but non of the local Audi dealers have had a demonstration model in for us to see. The please part is the cost, its conciderably less than the original estimate of £10k, which for 24 B&O speakers actually would have been good value, now its fantastic. Its a shame that the photo shown here doesn’t include the dash and parcel shelf where acoustic lenses are used, they really are impressive in disposing of the idea that a speaker has a “sweet spot” for best sound.
    The people who will buy this car with this extra feaure are most likely the same people who already have a house full of it already. So its no shock to them!

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