A Window On Your Registry

Propellerhead Top Tip

The Windows Registry, that vast collection of System files that controls almost every aspect of Windows and the programs running on a PC crops up regularly in tips and solutions at Propellerhead, but have you ever wondered what it looks like, and what it gets up to? Wonder no longer, a little freeware utility called Regmon shows you exactly what is going on, in real time. It’s actually a powerful diagnostic tool for engineers and expert users but even if you don’t know or care about what makes the Registry tick it is still fascinating to watch.

Even with no programs running the Registry is buzzing with activity as Windows and various background services access Registry files. It’s not exactly a life-changing experience but shows just how complicated PCs have become  and it brings to mind Dr Johnson’s famous remark upon seeing a performing dog walking on its hind legs: ‘The wonder is not that it does it so well, but that it does it at all’… For even more useful tools, tips and utilities visit PCTopTips

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