Windows 98 – The End Of An Era

Propellerhead Top Tip

If you are still using Windows 98 SE and ME then Propellerhead suggests that you make a note in your diaries for July 11th. That’s when you will be finally cast adrift as it’s the date paid for support for the operating system and Critical Security Updates come to an end. The good news is that Online self-help support will continue until at least July 10th next year. If you have any other ageing Microsoft products you might like to take a look at the MS Lifecycle Information site, which details the start, retirement and extended support dates for all of its products. It makes interesting reading, for example Office 2000 was retired two years ago but Extended Report continues until July 14th 2009, and MS was still responding to cried for help with Windows 3.1 right up until then end of 2001. Don’t forget there’s hundreds more great Windows tweaks at PCTopTips

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