Will the new Apple MacBook be unveiled on 9th May?


Everyone goes into overdrive when even there’s even the slightest hint of a new Apple product, but the number of consistently similar rumours do suggest that a consumer friendly version of Apple’s MacBook Pro laptop (pictured) will unveil on Tuesday, as Apple seek to replace the iBook.

The new MacBook laptop is expected to feature a 13-inch 1280 x 720 screen and possibly a selection of colours – black and white has certainly been mentioned. In early April, the Think Secret site claimed that Apple has begun manufacturing a 13-inch laptop, due for launch in the preceding 30-60 days.

Rumours further abounded when one eagle-eyed Apple fan spotted that a link on Apple’s website to its iPod webpage was damaged, mistakenly showing a reference to "MacBook" (not "MacBook Pro"). And the excitement has stepped up a notch when "an unverified anonymous source" via Macrumours.com claimed that Apple stores are receiving materials for a new window display that’s labelled "do not open until Tuesday, May 9th."

Will we see an iBook replacement this week? You’ll hear it here, as it happens.

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