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Once again it’s Monday, which means it’s time for our weekly look at exclusive tracks available purely through digital means only. Go switch on yer compulator-thingy-majiggy! [Katherine Hannaford]

Apple iTunes is offering Rick Braun’s ‘Sessions, Vol. 1’ ahead of its August launch date for only $7.99 – Smooth jazz at its best

Download NZer Evermore‘s second album, ‘Dreams’, before its May 23rd release date – This alt-rock band has been kicking around the Southern Hemisphere for a few years now, but has never seen UK/US attention before now, jump on the ride already!

Napster is offering an exclusive download of Angels and Airwaves‘ debut album, ‘We Don’t Need To Whisper’, a week before it’s available elsewhere – Yes, you’re right to recognise that voice, they’re fronted by former Blink 182-er, Tom DeLonge

Zero 7′s new album ‘The Garden’ is being sold through Napster ahead of its May 22nd launch date
– Featuring smooth collaborations from Jose Gonzalez and Sia Furler, not many can resist

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