Web Forms — Defeat Those Drop-Down Menus

Propellerhead Top Tip

This one is specifically for residents of the UK, the United States, Uganda and anyone else living in an alphabetically challenged country. Those drop-down menus on website forms, where you have to enter your country, can really tick you off. Sometimes you strike lucky and we’re listed as Great Britain and you only have to scroll down to G but more often than not we’re right down the bottom, under United Kingdom. Propellerhead just figured out how to beat the system. Most of these forms are based on fairly standard HTML scripts so all you have to do is click the box and tap the ‘U’ key. You should then be transported to the directly to Uganda, which is normally just two or three down cursor clicks from United Kingdom. It may even be possible to get to the UK directly with a two-letter entry but so far no luck; if anyone manages to crack the code let us know. For more great computer tweaks head over to the archive at PCtoptips

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  • Propellerhead relies: Ouch! But in my defence I would like to point out that not all Tech Digest and Propellerhead readers are as wise and PC savvy as you lot. Like a lot of old-timers (I learnt COBOL on a 60’s mainframe and built my first computer in 1978), I grew up with UNIX, DOS and BASIC et al, and thought the GUI and mice were an abomination and would never catch on…
    Rick Maybury

  • “Oh come on guys – you were all fumbling around without keyboard shortcuts once – cut some slack”

    Thats very true, but how many people who still haven’t mastered their keyboards are going to be reading TechDigest?

  • Oh come on guys – you were all fumbling around without keyboard shortcuts once – cut some slack.

    I was listening in on a meeting between one of my colleagues and someone from another department, who kept interrupting to him midflow to say “what keys did you press to do that” (all fairly basic (to my mind) Excel shortcuts like F2 to edit the cell, CTRL-downarrow to find the next blank cell in a column, etc.) – but hey, not everyone knows ’em šŸ˜‰

  • And firefox lets you do it out the box… always has as far as i can remember.

    My conclusion is, get firefox!

  • Please, this sort of tip is for absolute beginners. I expect more from my daily read of Tech Digest.

  • better still get a Mac and then you can type uni or grea etc. and go straight to the right entry!

  • Wow – that is amazingly…. old.

    If you don’t know how to use your keyboard for forms, it’s called ‘tab’ and it moves you to the next field. Imagine that!

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