UK's First Nuclear-Powered Website, From Geiger Counters To Toxic Waste T-Shirts


Mice aren’t the only things clicking at It’s the UK’s, and quite possibly the world’s first website devoted to the lighter, fun side of nuclear radiation…

We’re being bombarded by radioactivity 24/7, from space and natural sources, plus a bit of fallout from atom bomb tests and the odd leaky nuclear power station but how much do you know about it, and what can you do to protect yourself if the balloon goes up?

Anythingradioactive has stockpiles of personal pocket Geiger counters on sale from £22, there’s glowing Uranium Glass marbles (4 for two quid), warning signs, Toxic Waste t-shirts and mugs; they’ve even got radioactive fridge magnets and key rings. It’s helpful too, you can watch the cult 1970s Civil Defence video Protect and Survive, learn how to build your own home fallout shelter from readily available materials and calculate the blast radius effects from nuclear weapons with free plans for a home made bomb effects computer. Are you scared or prepared?

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