Ten things I noticed while watching TV in HD


1 R2D2 needs some serious bodywork. In Revenge of the Sith seen on Sky Movies HD he appears to be covered in dents and scratches.

2 Nothing gets documentary film-makers more excited than the possibility of one animal chasing and killing another. It is on all the doc HD channels (National Geographic and Discovery) all the time and yes it is gross.

3 A crap film in SD is still in a crap film in HD. Exhibit A Jersey Girl. Is this really directed by the same man who helmed Clerks?

4 Movies look better in HD than they do on DVD, but the difference between SD and HD programmes is much more marked than the difference between DVD and HD movies.

5 There is a difference in terms of picture quality between HD sets. Some have real trouble coping with fast-moving images.

6 Some of the panoramic shots on documentaries like the BBC’s Planet Earth really are breath-taking.

7 From the brief trailer on the BBC HD channel the World Cup will look amazing in HD. I bet the Premiership looks great too.

8 The adverts on HD channel look rubbish as they are almost exclusively shot in SD.

9 Kiefer Sutherland of 24 fame, isn’t ageing quite as well as you think.

10 After a week of HD it is hard to go back and watch programmes in SD.

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