Sunlinq folding solar power panel – the sun's power on the move


Not content with pointing us in the direction of a solar powered battery charger earlier in the week, Hippyshopper now has the solution to charging larger items when you’re on the move – on an eco-friendly way of course. It’s the Sunlinq folding solar power panel.

Available in sheets of 6.5, 12 or 24 panels, they’re weatherproof, UV resistant and flexible, which gives you plenty of scope to attach to a variety of things, including clothing and backpacks. And when you’re done, it folds up into said backpack easily. There’s a whole host of connectors to connect to a range of devices – all included in the price, which is from around £85.

Want to know more? Find out about this and loads more green solutions over at Hippyshopper.

Dave Walker
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