Seeing More Of Your Word Documents

Propellerhead Top Tip

When working on long or complex documents in Word the jumble of toolbars, menu and status bars can be a real distraction, as well as taking up valuable screen space. Word has a facility to make them all vanish and display your document full screen; you have probably come across it on the View menu.

When selected a small button appears on the page so you can switch back to normal view. However, even that can quite intrusive so here’s a couple of quick and simple tips from Propellerhead to make make it more user-friendly.

The Full Screen view button is actually a toolbar and to move it out of the way just drag it to the side of the screen where it will ‘dock’ and become a skinny toolbar

You can also make the Full Screen view a toolbar button in your Normal document view. Just right-click onto an empty area of the toolbar and select Customize then the Commands tab. Scroll down the Categories list to View then locate the Full Screen icon on the Commands list and drag it onto a toolbar. If you don’t like the look of the button you can change it by selecting Customize again, then right-click on the button and select Change button image. You can also remove the button when the Customize dialogue box is displayed, by dragging the button off the toolbar. If you like that one then there are Word tweaks galore in the archive on the PCTopTips website.

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