Roomba: Crazier than ever


Regular visitors will surely be familiar with that sloven’s friend, the Roomba autonomous vacuum cleaner.

Of course it wouldn’t be exciting enough if it just pottered around sucking up dust while you were out which is why Tod E.Kurt over at TodBot has converted his Roomba into arguably the world’s silliest musical instrument. The tiny speaker that emits Roomba’s status chirps provides the top end and the droning vacuum motor handles the indispensable droning vacuum motor sound. if that sounds like your kind of music there’s a video of the RoombaMidi in action over at MusicThing: On the face of it, a musical robot vacuum cleaner doesn’t sound like a world-beating technological advance but they probably laughed at the gas-absorbing cushion once too…

RoombaMidi [via MusicThing]

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