Pace offers another way to watch BBC HD for free


We featured the Humax free-to-air HD satelite receiver recently for those who wanted the BBC’s coverage of the World Cup in HD without the monthly fees. It’s not the only option, you can do the sae with this Pace HD set-top box, retailing for around the same price.

The Pace HD set-top box comes with DiSEqC 1.2, for easier satellite scanning and programming, and a CI slot for use with a range of conditional access systems. Pace claims the box is one of the first in the world to use advanced H.264 HD hardware decoding, delivering high quality pictures while making efficient use of available broadcasting bandwidth. There’s also HDMI with HDCP for secure connectivity to HD-ready displays.

To view the free-to-air HD content, you will need a satellite dish pointed to 19.2° or 28.2° (with BBC HD satellite programming only available on the latter feed) and obviously an HD-ready TV to watch the content.

The Pace HD set-top box retails for £299.

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