Linux Style Desktop Manager For Windows XP

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One of the more eye-catching features of many Linux distributions is the ‘virtual desktop’, which basically means you can switch between four active desktops with the click of a mouse. According to Propellerhead that feature is also available in Windows XP, though you have to know where to find it. In fact you need to go to the Microsoft website and download a ‘Powertoy’ called Virtual Desktop Manager.

Powertoys, as we’ve mentioned on many occasions, are a suite of tools developed by Microsoft (including the most excellent Tweak UI) but they’re not included as standard with Windows XP,

or at least not any longer. They’re unsupported but that doesn’t mean they’re in any way buggy or inferior.

But we digress, download and install Virtual Desktop manager. To launch it right-click on the Taskbar, select Toolbars then click Desktop Manager and you will see 5 new icons on the Taskbar, one for each virtual desktop and one for a ‘quad’ view. We reckon you’ll find it hard to go back to a boring single desktop after using it for a while, so what are you waiting for? For more great tweaks check out the Top Tips Archive on the BootLog website

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  • You can have as many “virtual desktops” as you want with any GNU/Linux window manager or desktop environment. with fluxbox window manager for example you can drag a window to the next “desktop” by dragging it off the side of the screen and the screen will change automatically.

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