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That’s a whole lot of i prefixes in one sentence, but nonetheless the iHome looks like a very promising iPod accessory. We first caught wind of it way back in July last year, but now it has made it’s way across the ocean to the UK. I met a rep showing off this gadget a couple of days ago and have to say I was pretty impressed.

SDI, creator of the iHome, has been making alarm clock radios for a long time and seems to understand that the bleary eyes of the recently awoken need something simple to look at – the buttons and display are large and easy to fumble through and the tuning and volume controls mimic the iPod’s click wheel quite nicely. 

Neat features include the ability to set independent sleep and wake up sources; you can fall asleep listening to the radio and wake up to the iPod or vice versa, or just use one or the other.

While I didn’t get the chance to hear the sound quality properly, the unit certainly looks large enough to produce some impressive sound and will of course keep your iPod (all models except the shuffle are compatible) charging while you sleep. In the UK version we also get a package remote control too. It is arriving over here very soon and is set to cost £100. It is available in either black or white to suit your iPod.

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