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There might be good reason why you can’t reach your iPod – maybe it’s in your bag or pocket and you can’t be bothered fumbling around for it. Well, if there’s any reason at all why you might need one – there is one now available in the UK, with the CruiseControl from GEAR4, a remote with a 50 metre range.

The company claims it’s something of an "industry first" – being the first in the UK that is compatible with the iPod nano. CruiseControl works off the iPod dock connector, with a headphone amp and port on the bottom, allowing you to plug their headphones in – other dock-connector remotes have covered up the nano’s headphone port.

The RF remote control has 7 functions, including shuffle and repeat buttons, plus normal pause/play, volume and fwd/back buttons, its 50 metre range can operate through walls and it’s powered by the iPod, so no need for batteries. It also comes with a strap, lanyard and carry case.

It’s available now for around £25.

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