Flash Drive Peril – Protect your PC

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We’re all using USB flash drives these days, and very useful they are too, for transferring data from one PC to another. But the next time you plug your drive into someone else’s PC just ask yourself, am I going to get infected? The ease with which you can move data around also makes it simple for viruses and malware to hitch a ride on your flash drive and back into your PC. The first thing you should find out when copying data onto your drive is whether or not the PC you are connecting to has anti-virus protection, you will be surprised how many don’t.

The Propellerhead solution is to carry some protection with you, the freeware anti-virus scanner AntiVir can be run from a flash drive and it only takes up around 30Mb of space, which is nothing in these days of 1 and 2Gb drives.

Select the Customise option during installation to load the program onto your flash drive, and you can run it from the Avcentre.exe file; to set up an immediate scan simply set one up from the Schedule tab and if there’s an Internet Connection available make sure you download the latest updates. For hundred more great Windows tweaks head over to the archive at PCTopTips

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