Do the Shiny Media survey – 14 great prizes up for grabs!

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We want to find out a little bit more about you – including what you like to read online, whether you have your own blog and what your favourite gadgets are. OK the Shiny Media survey may not constitute the most fun you’ve ever had online, but if you spend five minutes of your life answering our questions you might just win yourself one of the following (and yes we know that’s called bribery, but hey it sometimes works):

Toshiba 9-inch Portable DVD player
Nokia 3220 – Orange – Star Wars Special Edition Mobile Phone
Creative MuVo TX 256MB Music Player (eight of these to give away)
Sony 1GB Bean music player (we’ve got four of these to give away)

Go on, we’ll love you forever…

Click here to take survey

[Non-UK readers: Sorry – it’s not open to you. It’s nothing personal, we promise!]

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