Cabbie mistaken for Apple expert live on BBC


You know those dreams when you arrive at school and suddenly discover there’s a test that you haven’t revised for, and then you look down and you’re stark naked and everyone’s laughing at your unmentionables? Well, then you’ll know just how this London Cab Driver felt when he appeared live on BBC NEWS. He was there to pick up Net Expert Guy Kewney, due to be interviewed about the court case between Apple and Apple Corp, when a runner appeared and called out Kewney’s name. Thinking the runner meant "who’s here to pick up Guy Kewney?" the unsuspecting cabbie put his hand up and was whisked away to the studio, miked up and plopped down in front of the interviewer.

Really, there’s nothing more to be said, just check out the poor guy’s face when he’s introduced – the expressions on his face say it all.

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  • This morning’s Metro newspaper suggests that the guy wasn’t a cabbie afteer all, but someone with a (vaguely) similar name to the intended interviewee who was there for an IT job interview.

    Whatever the details, it’s still a funny clip!

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