Tosh's personal DVD player with digital TV tuner


A personal DVD player with an integrated digital TV tuner sounds like a winner to us – in theory at least. After all you can take it with you on holiday and when you have exhausted your DVD supply you can then tune into the 20 or so Freeview channels. So top marks to Toshiba for getting there first with its SDP30DT, a portable player that in addition to the digi TV tuner includes four and half hours of battery power and a nine inch screen. It’ll go for £350 when it launches in May. However given the rather unstable all or nothing nature of the digital TV signal it might not work on the move so if you are harboring dreams of watching the footy in June/July on it you might be disappointed.

Anyhow we are at the Tosh bash in the wilds of Hertfordshire gawping at its new range of products, and here’s a little low-res vid we shot of the player. Gawd bless you You Tube.

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One thought on “Tosh's personal DVD player with digital TV tuner

  • dare i say look at chrismile33 on ebay.. dvd tv ORBIT.portables..i have one,great after sales.sevice other makes too.. all under £200.knocks lumps off the big shops..never mind spots…why are these notin our shops…i think they are so good i have just bid for another one…cost £127my bid plus pp what do i get for my money… DVD 9.2 inc TV dvb.t plus usb for card reader.nothing out there to touch it kjm

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