Toshiba's projector with built-in DVD/surround sound

Home cinema

Tosh has introduced a new DLP projector for the type of person who wants the full home cinema experience without all the hassle. The new ET10 projector is not only a lot more curvaceous than other shoebox-styled models on the market, it also comes with a built-in DVD player and Dolby 5.1 surround sound system (though don’t expect great surround sound from speakers that are so close together).

Another useful feature is its wide angle lens which means that it can project large images with just a short throw – a distance of just 20inches between the projector and the screen will produce an image of 40inches across, making it particularly attractive to those with small living rooms.

Expected to retail for £1299, this standard definition (480p) projector isn’t exactly cheap. But then it is a particularly convenient solution, especially for those people who just want to whip out a projector from under the coffee table for occasional movie screenings. Tosh is planning to launch an HD version (720p) of the ET10 very soon.


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