Toshiba's Palm-sized projector launches

Home cinema

Toshiba’s tiny, palm-sized FF1 projector is certainly a dinky little device. As to whether we’ll all be beaming our favourite films onto our bedroom walls of an evening remains to be seen, but the battery powered projector makes a change from the usual home cinema set up.

The DLP FF1 is a battery powered projection device that uses LEDs instead of the usual lamps, which means it’s not only more environmentally friendly, it’s also more cost-effective thanks to the lower energy consumption.

The foldable screen that comes with it isn’t anything special – looking like a bit of glorified cardboard –  but it improves image quality, offering better light reflection than you’d get from a wall.

Not only can you plug in a USB memory key, you can also connect up your mobile phone (mini USB connection) to show people your photos and videos, which is why Toshiba envisage this being used in teenagers’ bedrooms as much as office boardrooms.

Battery life is quoted at two hours, although you’ll get better brightness with it plugged in, and the lamp life is approaching 10,000 hours. It projects an image of up to 68 inches (diagonal) with sound provided by its built-in speaker. It’ll cost you around £749 and it’s available now. A neat little idea, and maybe business users with teeny tiny boardrooms might be willing to part with that amount of cash, but possibly a bit over-priced and under-powered for most.

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