Propellerhead Top Tip

If you use Microsoft Word the built-in spellchecker is your best friend, automatically highlighting miss-spelt words and helpfully suggesting alternatives. One of its most useful facilities is to add words it doesn’t know to the Custom Dictionary, but here’s the rub. If you are in a hurry it’s very easy to add miss-spelled words to the Dictionary and thereafter Word will always ignore your mistake. So how do you correct the Dictionary? It’s simple, as today’s top tip from Propellerhead demonstrates; just go to Options on the Tools menu and select the Spelling and Grammar tab. Click the Dictionaries button and your Custom Dictionary — and any others you might have installed — appears in the box. Highlight the entry and click Edit and a list of all the words you’ve added appears. You can now edit the list like a Word document and when you’ve finished Save it as normal. Don’t forget there are hundreds more great tips on the BootLog website at www.rickmaybury.com

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