Speed Up Acrobat Reader In Firefox

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If you have a broadband connection and read a lot of PDF (Portable Document Format) documents you may well find that the Adobe Acrobat Reader plug-in can be a quite slow to open in Firefox, which can be quite frustrating. Propellerhead has come up with a way to speed it up and that is to have Firefox download the PDF file first and then open it in a compact Acrobat Reader window. (This tweak probably won’t do much good if you have a slow dial-up connection).

All you have to do it go to the Firefox Tools menu, select Options then click the Download icon and then the Plugins button. Uncheck the line ‘Adobe Acrobat Document’; click OK to close the Windows and it’s done. For more PC tips than you can shake a stick at head over to the BootLog website at www.rickmaybury.com

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One thought on “Speed Up Acrobat Reader In Firefox

  • I’m using Firefox and the workaround is somewhat different:
    – Open the Tools menu
    – Select the Options… item
    – Click the Downloads icon
    – Click the View & Edit Actions… button
    – Select anything with an “Open with Adobe Acrobat Plugin”
    – Click the Change Action… button
    – Select the Open them with this application: option
    – Click the Browse… button and find your Adobe Acrobat Reader executable

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