Siemens fridge with rotating TV


This Siemens KG39MT90 fridge freezer with built in LCD TV isn’t a new concept in technology, we’ve covered similar – like this one from LG – but I do like the way the TV rotates on this Siemens model.

The Siemens KG39MT90 has a 15-inch LCD flat screen TV, featuring built-in speakers plus connectors for DVD/video or for Sky. The rotating feature is great if you have a big kitchen and don’t want to miss a thing – it can be angled up to 180 degrees left or right.

Oh yes, it’s also a fridge freezer, with all you’d expect, plus the ability to turn the fridge off but leave freezer running (or vice versa) – useful if you want to defrost, but need the fridge to keep everything cool.

It’s available now from Buyers & Sellers, but it’ll set you back around £2754 including VAT and delivery.

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