PS3 price chatter: $500, €500, £350?


A report from over-excited news bunnies Spong says US developers have let slip that the PS3 will be $499. Meanwhile, French journalists are claiming that George Fornay, French VP of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has said the PS3 will be "around €500" when released in November. Which puts our guess for the UK price of the PS3 as anywhere between £300 and £400 depending on whether Sony feel nice or not.

Via Games Digest

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  • Hahaha.. Very funny. I enjoyed the humour of your article regarding the price of the PS3. It is very amusing to think that the PS3 will be £350 in the UK if its $500 in the US. Multinational companies know that you can charge the same in pounds as in dollars when selling in the UK. Nobody in the UK will complain and its a great way to screw the Brits.

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