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With one on eye undoubtedly on those of us who now view the web via mobile device, eBay has confirmed that PayPal payments via mobile will be available in the UK by the end of April.

Anyone signing up for PayPal Mobile will be able to purchase goods instantly by sending a simple text message, as well as being able to make payments to other PayPal users. The company claimed it would be the first mass-market mobile-payments system in Britain, with around 10 million people in the UK, and another 105 million worldwide, already using PayPal.

Retailers who sign up for the Text to Buy service will publish product codes when they advertise their goods on the net. Customers will text the code to PayPal, after which an automated service will call them back and ask for a Pin number. PayPal will then pay the retailer and the goods sent out. Customers who want to make mobile payments to other users will simply text the amount and the phone number to PayPal.

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