Novotable – the ultimate boy's toy


You’re unlikely to really impress your mates with an Xbox 360 or PS2 – loads of people have them, or if they haven’t, they can go down the shops and pick one up easy enough. That’s not going to be the case with the Novotable.

The Novotable is an interactive games table that incorporates a 32″ LCD touch screen, PC and games console. Which means you can use it for allsorts of leisure pastimes – from online poker
to watching the match.

Play the latest console games or relive your lost youth down the arcades by using its real
arcade controllers, which rotate 180° to reveal a stainless steel keyboard and track ball. Connect via Bluetooth to download images from your mobile or use the wireless connection to surf the net. It’s even got a built-in sound system if you want to use it as a jukebox.

Obviously, this ultimate boys toy isn’t going to be cheap. All are built to order, so prices vary, but a top of the range featuring a high-spec PC and PlayStation 2 console will probably retail for around £5,000.

Novotable website

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