No More Loading Windows Discs

Propellerhead Top Tip

How many times has your PC asked you to ‘Insert the Windows CD’, when you are installing a new piece of software or hardware? It’s okay if you are super-organised and know exactly where you can lay your hands on the disc but for the rest of us it means scrabbling around in drawers and cupboards to find it. Admittedly Windows XP is nowhere near as demanding as previous versions but it still happens, so here’s a way to avoid seeing that message. (Before you ask, if Windows was pre-installed on your PC and it didn’t come with an installation disc you almost certainly don’t need to worry about this Tip…).

Here’s the Propellerhead method. Just pop your Windows XP disc in the CD drive and when it open click ‘Perform additional tasks’ and then ‘Browse this CD’. Right click on the I386 folder and select Copy, now open Windows Explorer, highlight the C: drive, right-click and select Paste and hopefully you’ll never need to play hunt the disc ever again. If you like that then you definitely need to visit the BootLog website at for even more great PC Tips and Tricks

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